Where it all began...

SaaS has changed the way we work.

Santiago and Alex knew this first hand, running their own companies prior to starting Hudled. The pair were fortunate to meet in Antler when Santiago was looking for a co-founder with a strong background in accounting, sales and startups.... seemingly impossible until he came across Alex.

Having run their own startups before, Santi and Alex personally felt the pain and frustration with this problem. SaaS had grown from virtually zero 10 years ago to an industry that's worth $172b in 2020 and is growing at 10%+ YOY.

Within the first 5 weeks of working together, they had onboarded their first four customers, built an MVP and received investment from Antler. It was clear that this was a huge problem and growing companies were desperately looking for a way to solve this problem.

Hudled fundamentally believe that SaaS management is more than just cost. By giving every employee a voice and by understanding who uses what and how they like it, Hudled can provide smart recommendations and optimise every dollar a company spends on software.

🧭 Mission

To give every employee a voice, help companies optimise their spend, all while using the best software to succeed in the digital age.

Covid-19 has accelerated the digitalisation of the workforce. It has made companies rethink how they use software and question whether their business is setup to succeed in the new age of  work. At Hudled, we believe software and people are inter-connected.

🔭 Vision

Empower employees to have a voice on the software they use everyday.

We're creating the single place for teams to discover, engage and optimise their software stack, while empowering every employee to take control and eliminate software wastage.

Our Values

Work fast with focus

We connect users from all departments to make business critical decisions that materially affect how their company operates. It's our job to remain focused on the sole job of adding value and savings.

Think deeply

We encourage deep first principles thinking to ensure we come to the right outcomes.


We're remote first by design. Think beyond the traditional forms of communication to empower those around you.

Ethical optimisation

It's our job to act in the best interest of our users. Every piece of software has an ideal customer and it's our job to build that bridge.

Always find someone better

Simply put, we look for people that are better than us, either more experienced or knowledgeable in at least one key area. Every new person that joins our team has to increase the collective intelligence and knowledge of our team.

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