Where it all began...

The pandemic accelerated us into the future. It transformed long-lasting trends into new realities and exposed for the keen-eyed new self-evident truths soon to become mainstream. We're building Hudled based on these self-evident truths:

Software and people have never before been so interdependent
People care about software, people care about what applications they use, and which ones they’d rather avoid at all costs. It’s not about the software, people. "It’s about the software people.”

SaaS chaos is the new norm.
SaaS tools don't conform to the traditional technological trajectories; instead of converging into a finite number of categories, new apps in odd verticals continue to proliferate. The result: tracking software tools is becoming exponentially more complicated as businesses grow and keeping costs under control a tedious task.

Software is the new office.
The cool, ping-pong WeWork-type office has become a commodity. Just like you deserve a good chair to work in the right position, today you deserve the right software to do your best work. On top of this, employees are no longer software agnostics. They love some, they hate others, but most importantly, they deserve to have a voice on the software tools they use everyday.

Our Values

Work fast with focus

We connect users from all departments to make business critical decisions that materially affect how their company operates. It's our job to remain focused on the sole job of adding value and savings.

Think deeply

We encourage deep first principles thinking to ensure we come to the right outcomes.


We're remote first by design. Think beyond the traditional forms of communication to empower those around you.

Ethical optimisation

It's our job to act in the best interest of our users. Every piece of software has an ideal customer and it's our job to build that bridge.

Always find someone better

Simply put, we look for people that are better than us, either more experienced or knowledgeable in at least one key area. Every new person that joins our team has to increase the collective intelligence and knowledge of our team.

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