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How to Get a Discount on HubSpot Operations Hub in 2023

Unlock your HubSpot savings and get a discount on HubSpot Operations Hub in 2023. Learn negotiation strategies and pricing benchmarks to maximize savings and secure the best deal for your business.

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Alex Millar, CPA
October 10, 2023
How to Get a Discount on HubSpot Operations Hub in 2023

HubSpot Operations Hub is essential for business growth, but its pricing can be a deciding factor when choosing between this platform and a more affordable alternative. To make the most of HubSpot and secure a discount, it's crucial to employ negotiation strategies and gain approval from your Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

HubSpot Operations Hub Pricing

Operations Hub offers three main plans to cater to different business needs:

  • Starter plan starts at $216 per year or $20 per month. One seat is included in your plan.
  • Professional plan starts at $9,120 per year or $800 per month. One seat is included in your plan.
  • Enterprise plan starts at $24,000 per year and isn't available on a monthly plan. One seat is included in your plan.

What are the add-ons for Operations Hub?

  • API Limit Increase starts at $500/m.
  • Reporting Limit Increase starts at $200/m.
  • Sandbox Limit Increase starts at $750/m.
  • Lists Limit Increase starts at $200/m.
  • Teams Limit Increase starts at $200/m.

HubSpot Operations Hub Discount Paths

When looking to save on HubSpot Operations Hub, it's important to be aware of the four main categories of discounts available: Standard, Negotiated, Startup, and Non-for-profit. Each type of discount caters to different business situations and requirements.

Standard discounts offer a 10% reduction in pricing for Starter and Professional plans when committing to an annual plan. Negotiated discounts range from 20% to 80% and are generally applicable to Professional and Enterprise plans. Startup discounts can reach up to 90% in the first year, while Non-for-profit organizations can benefit from special discounts ranging from 30% to 90%.

To further understand the discounts and pricing, it's essential to refer to Hudled's Hubspot pricing benchmarking data. This information will help you make an informed decision and negotiate the best deal for your business.

Can you negotiate a discount when purchasing Operations Hub Add-ons?

Based on the data from our pricing benchmarking data, we've seen companies negotiate the same discount with add-ons as what they negotiated on their Operations Hub license.

Tips for Negotiating a Discount with Operations Hub

To increase your chances of success in negotiating a discount on your HubSpot Operations Hub purchase, follow these strategies:

  1. Consider submitting a Request for Proposal (RFP) to the vendor. This shows that you are serious about your business, and they may be more likely to offer higher discounts in response.
  2. Research and compare competitor pricing, so you can negotiate from an informed position. Having a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape will be valuable during negotiations.
  3. Take advantage of timing by starting your negotiations at the end of the financial year, quarter, or month. This can increase your chances of getting a higher discount. Make use of the urgency factor and try to close the deal faster to improve the deal terms.
  4. Consider bundling or long-term commitments: Explore the possibility of bundling multiple HubSpot products or committing to a long-term contract. This can often result in discounted pricing or additional benefits that can help you save money in the long run.

Getting the CFO to Approve HubSpot in Your Company

Gaining approval from your CFO for investing in HubSpot Operations Hub can be achieved by implementing specific strategies. First, present a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis that outlines the costs associated with HubSpot, such as subscription fees and onboarding expenses, alongside the expected benefits and potential return on investment (ROI).

Next, demonstrate the ROI and potential impact on business growth by highlighting HubSpot's role in driving customer acquisition, improving operational efficiency, and fostering long-term growth. Provide concrete examples and case studies, if possible, to reinforce your arguments.

Lastly, show benchmarking data using Hudled's Hubspot pricing benchmarking data to prove that you have the best price for HubSpot and that you've evaluated other competitors using strategies such as a Request for Proposal (RFP). Sharing this information will give your internal stakeholders confidence in your research and the decision to invest in HubSpot.

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Alex Millar, CPA

CEO & Cofounder of Hudled. A platform for finance teams in growing companies to track and optimise their software stack

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