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A quick overview of Hudled from our co-founder Alex


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How it works

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Set up in minutes

Ditch the excel spreadsheet! We connect directly to your accounting system and sync daily

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Get full visibility on your spending

Know your cost per department, what tools you're paying for and what you could cancel

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Engage with your key stakeholders

Receive monthly reports, saving opportunities and reminders about renewals

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Optimise your spend

Identify the best software fit and generate 20% savings along the way

Full visibility on every tool

Receive key insights and track everything from a single dashboard

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Saving opportunities on autopilot

We connect your spend and your employees feedback to identify saving opportunities

"Finally i've found a way to get visibility and track all the different subscriptions we use. I love the monthly reports and being notified about upcoming renewals"
Chris B
Legal Vision

Chris B from Legal Vision

Engage with your team

Centralise employee feedback and identify under-utilised tools

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Access to exclusive deals

Connect with our exclusive partner network where you can save up to 50% for life


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