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How it works


Create your dashboard

Connect your transactions and discover what software you're paying for


Centralise your purchasing

Work with our buying team to centralise all software purchases


Set reminders

Never forget when an annual renewal is due and we'll negotiate key contracts months in advance


Save as you scale

We handle the negotiation and lock in the best price for you.

How does SaaS buying work?

We act on your behalf, negotiating with selected vendors to give you the best price when you purchase a new piece of software.

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Centralise your SaaS purchasing

We'll take over purchasing and negotiation, saving you countless hours and ensuring you pay the best price.

It's impossible to tell whether you're getting a good deal when you purchase software. Hudled understood our requirements, negotiated the key terms and secured us multiple quotes at a better price. We're now looking at what else we can renegotiate ⏤ Jonathan H
VP of Finance and Displayr

Our saving guarantee

Our costs will never exceed what you pay us. If we don’t generate the savings, we will refund you the difference.

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