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General information

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool used by in-house teams and SEO professionals around the world. Ahrefs scours the web to help you create a powerful index of live backlinks and other useful data, allowing you to make more-informed decisions about your SEO. In this article, we cover their features, pricing plans, and more to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

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We analyzed $1M of Ahrefs spending from 20 companies across seven countries to gather these insights. They are represented in the following company size segments below:

What does Ahrefs costs?

Ahrefs offers four different pricing plans: Lite, Standard, Advanced and Agency. Like many of their competitors, Ahrefs uses an add-on pricing model, meaning that add-ons and extra features leads to increased charges. When you purchase Ahrefs annually, you receive 2 months for free.

What should I pay for Ahrefs Lite and Standard?

A monthly lite subscription for Ahrefs begins at $99 a month. Their standard plan comes to $179 a month. Their advanced plan is $399 per month.

What should I pay for Ahrefs Agency?
Ahrefs Agency starts at $999 a month. Each additional user is an extra $30/m or $300/year, and additional projects costs $10 per project. If you’re looking for granular pricing intelligence on Ahrefs, request access to our pricing insights.

Can I get a discount on Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is bought directly through their website. There may also be an opportunity to receive a discount on Ahrefs if you purchase through a media agency. If you would like additional pricing intelligence, get in touch with us.

Does Ahrefs offer start-up credits?

Ahrefs doesn't have a start-up program, and they don't offer any credits.

Ahrefs core features

✔️ Uncover thousands of keyword ideas for your site. Sort by search volume, difficulty and other metrics to identify which keywords will help you reach your marketing goals.

✔️ Track your competitors and monitoring their strategies.

✔️ Make informed decisions about your SEO by using an extensive website analysis.

Ahrefs review


Ahrefs features have been highly regarded by their customers. To some, it provides the most accurate organic search traffic data and up-to-date data on backlinks. Additionally, they can seamlessly conduct keyword research, site audits, and fix broken links. The tool also provides excellent reports, showing detailed information from site audits and their website. Overall, it’s an excellent tool for monitoring your SEO efforts.


A widely mentioned criticism of Ahrefs is the high subscription fee. While the tool is highly regarded, it’s not the most affordable SEO tool. For those who are under a strict budget, Ahrefs may not be the tool for you. SEO beginners may also struggle to navigate Ahrefs in the beginning, as you need a solid understanding of SEO fundamentals to get the most out of Ahrefs.


Popular alternatives to Ahrefs are Semrush and SE Ranking

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