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Rising tools like Qwilr, an easy-to-use proposal template tool, are changing the future of online documents. In this article, we cover features, pricing plans, and customer’s spending habits to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.




We analyzed $1M of Qwilr spending from 22 companies across seven countries to gather these insights. They are represented in the following company size segments below:

What does Qwilr cost?

What should I pay for Qwilr Business?
Qwilr Business costs $420 for an annual subscription, equal to $35 USD per month. It is $35 USD per additional user. There is one user seat for the business plan.

What should I pay for Qwilr Enterprise
Qwilr Enterprise starts at $590 for an annual subscription and It's $39 USD per additional user. On their website, they advertise that you need a minimum of 10 seats. Based on our data, we've seen companies purchase Qwilr Enterprise with less than 10 seats.

Can I get a discount on Qwilr?
Qwilr can be bought directly through their website or through their sales team if you need an enterprise licence. If you purchase through their sales teams, we've seen companies negotiate discounts of 10-20%. We have negotiated a discount with Qwilr, so reach out if you're looking to purchase. If you would like additional pricing intelligence on Qwilr or other tools, get in touch with us.

Does Qwilr offer start-up credits?

Qwilr doesn't have a start-up program, and they don't offer any credits. If you're looking for pricing intelligence on Qwilr, get in touch with us

Qwilr’s core features

✔️ Speed up the deal process by bringing buyers interactive e-signature, pricing, and payment solutions on a beautifully tailored page

✔️ Save time and create beautiful documents at scale. Qwilr syncs to your CRM to easily generate contracts, sales proposals or quotes

✔️ Create on-brand documents through personalised brand settings. A one-stop destination for all your sales collateral, helping your reps find anything they need.


Qwilr customers can connect their account to Hubspot, Slack, Stripe, Quickbooks, Pipedrive, Zapier, Salesforce, and Xero.

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