Digital marketing incorporates several different channels, and comprises a lot of links. It can be difficult to track your efforts without a dedicated tool. JotURL is an all-in-one suite that helps you, compare, optimise, and monitor your marketing links.

What is JotURL?

JotURL is a link management platform that helps online marketers implement and measure their marketing campaigns, track conversions, and grow revenue. Through JotURL, you can easily measure cross-channel campaigns, review conversions, and manage marketing efforts.

Who is JotURL for?

This tool is best for professional in-house marketers and advertising agencies.

JotURL’s core features

✔️ Increase your click-through rates through JotURL’s customizable previews for branded links.

✔️ Link and content monitoring to ensure you never lose another potential sale.

✔️ Make your site more inviting and customer-focused with customized links.

JotURL Review


JotURL’s link tracking and conversion measurement function is a popular feature amongst customers. Not only that, JotURL’s customizable links allows marketers to easily retarget audiences. The tool is also known for its easy-to-use interface, providing useful tutorials and guides for customers.


Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to JotURL. For one, free trials are not available to users. Without a free trial, it’s not clear whether this tool is suitable for the company. Another drawback to JotURL is their long list of features. Customers have mentioned it can be overwhelming to learn, particularly when they are time-strapped. Users have also mentioned JotURL’s customer service can be difficult to contact. Despite this, there are still a lot of highly praised reviews about this tool.

What does JotURL cost?

JotURL's monthly plan comes to €69 a month (At the time of this article, this equates to ~$75 USD and ~$100 AUD). Their annual plan is €660 a year (At the time of this article, this equates to ~$730 USD and ~$985 AUD).

Can I get a discount on JotURL?

JotURL is purchased via their sales team, which means there's an opportunity to get a discount on the negotiated price. Based on our data, we haven't seen strong discounting for JotURL. At Hudled, you can get a 10% rebate when you purchase JotURL. If you would like additional pricing intelligence, get in touch with us.

Does JotURL offer start-up credits?

JotURL doesn't have a start-up program, and they don't offer any credits.

Want to analyze your entire stack?

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