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Optimising efforts to rank highly on Google’s search engine bring many benefits to growing companies. Popular Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools, such as Semrush, are designed to help companies boost their Google rank and increase website traffic. In this article, we cover SEMRush features, pricing plans, and customer’s spending habits to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.


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We analyzed $1M of Semrush spending from 32 companies across seven countries to gather these insights. They are represented in the following company size segments below:

What does Semrush cost?

What should I pay for Semrush Pro?
Pro plans start from $119.95 per month. It is an extra $45 per month for each additional user.

What should I pay for Semrush Guru?

Guru starts from $229.95 per month, and it's $80/m per additional user.

What should I pay for Semrush Business?
Business plans start from $449.95 per month, and it's $100/m per additional user. If you purchase through their sales teams, we've seen companies negotiate a discount of at least 20% on Guru and Business when there is scale. If you’re looking for granular pricing intelligence on Semrush, request access to our pricing insights.

Can I get a discount on Semrush?

Semrush can be bought directly through their website or through their sales team. Don't expect a discount if you are spending in the low thousands.

Does Semrush offer start-up credits?

Yes, you can access start-up credits for Semrush. These credits are available, but you'll likely have to subscribe to a third party to access them. You may be able to request them from our deals page.

Semrush’s core features

✔️ Maximize your site’s visibility in search engines and get keyword ideas from their competitive databases.

✔️ Keep track of your competitors' website traffic and their marketing strategies. Track backlink opportunities to boost your company presence.

✔️ Analyse your current performance, measure the impact of your efforts, and optimise your SEO strategy.


Semrush customers can connect their account to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Wordpress, Zapier, Trello,, and Majestic.

Semrush review


Many customers are impressed by their competitor tracking features. Through a click of a button, you can see your competitor's domains, ranks, keywords, and backlinks. From here, it's easy to see what works and doesn't work, building out a successful SEO strategy for your own company. Monitoring movements in keywords are easy, allowing anyone to track results and SEO efforts.

Semrush has also a great customer support service. Response form their support team is quick, and they follow up to ensure everything is going smoothly.


Semrush has an add-on pricing model, meaning it's very easy to run over your initial plan. For example, adding an extra user on the Pro plan costs $45, nearly half of the initial subscription price. Scale this for agencies who need to oversee 20, 30, 40 clients and the price skyrockets even more.

Additionally, Semrush only enables you to log in one account at any time. This means if someone else has logged into the same user account, the other would be kicked out. It's inconvenient for anyone using this tool. To avoid this, companies would need to purchase extra user seats, greatly increasing the costs. The pricing model combined with the size of teams needing access to the platform makes it difficult for many companies to justify the high expenses.


A popular alternative to Semrush is Ahrefs. You can check out here our pricing intelligence on   Ahrefs and SE Ranking.

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