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General information


A successful project requires the collaboration of many people. To be truly effective you need to have a software infrastructure that supports this. When it comes to tasks, most professionals use several separate apps for to-do lists, calendars, workflow processing, collaboration, communication, planning and organizing. What if you could incorporate it into one tool? ClickUp makes it easier for businesses to see their entire workflow.

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We analyzed $500K of ClickUp spending from 19 companies across seven countries to gather these insights. They are represented in the following company size segments below:

What does ClickUp Cost?

What does ClickUp Business cost?

Pricing starts at $12/user if paid annually or $19/m if paid monthly.

What does ClickUp Business Plus cost?
Pricing starts at $19/user if paid annually or $29/m if paid monthly. If you’re looking for granular pricing intelligence on ClickUp, request access to our pricing insights.

What does ClickUp Enterprise Cost?

Companies have paid as high as $420/year for an Enterprise license. The good news is that ClickUp offers volume discounts and our data suggests you could get up to 40% discount. If you’re looking for granular pricing intelligence on ClickUp, request access to our pricing insights.

Can I get a discount on ClickUp?

At Hudled, we've negotiated a 30% discount for the first year if you're looking to purchase ClickUp. If you would like additional pricing intelligence, get in touch with us.

Does ClickUp offer start-up credits?

ClickUp has a start-up program where qualifying companies can get $3,000 in credits to try out their Enterprise plan.

ClickUp’s core features

✔️ Keep track of all your work with powerful task management and planning features.

✔️ Boost your team's efficiency through clear, intuitive, and powerful collaboration features.

✔️ Add projects to your Kanban board, assign team members to tasks, and track progress.


ClickUp has over 1000 integrations on their platforms. Connect your account to Slack, GitHub, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. Find out their full list of integrations here.

ClickUp Review


ClickUp’s features has had positive feedback from their customers. Many companies use it to organise their tasks, track progress, and collaborate across teams. Businesses are able to serve more clients in a day, month, and year due to ClickUp’s well-designed tool. ClickUp structures every project to be completed with minimal confusion or wasted time. Not only that, it’s extensive integration list is an advantage to many companies.


Despite this, ClickUp’s product does have bugs from time to time. Customers have mentioned this can be disruptive to their workflow, and block them on time-sensitive tasks. At times, when a user has created a new checklist item or subtask, it’s not shown on the page unless the screen has been refreshed. Some users have also mentioned there is a learning curve when you first onboard onto the product. Despite this, customers have mentioned the product is still worth having.

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